Christian’s Non-Sequiturs #1 – My Big Music Weekend

brian-jonestown-massacre1So, since this is primarily a movie review blog… at least that’s what it has become, I’ve decided to add a section called “Christian’s Non-Sequiturs” – in todays installment, I’ll be discussing my big music weekend.

Friday: On Friday night, I picked up my old buddy Kevin, and we went to Turner Hall for a show… I got tickets to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM)… now, if you are unfamiliar with BJM, here’s a bit of a back story… BJM started in 1990 by lead singer/guru Anton Newcome… Wikipedia descripes their music as Psychedelic Rock, and Shoegazing (that’s a new one to me folks…).  I basically describe them as a 60s-esque revival band, they have albums reminiscent of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and in some cases Ravi Shankar… not only is their style reminiscent of 60s Psychedelic rock, but so is there look…

The Brian Jonestown Massacre was also subject of a documentary called “Dig” which focuses on their long standing love/hate relationship with Courtney Taylor-Taylor and his band The Dandy Warhols.

Moving on… Kevin and I showed up at the Pabst early, and enjoyed 1, 2, 3… $3 Pabst Tallboys (who’s counting…) the opening band, I thought was pretty lame… and the audio mix was a little off because you couldn’t hear the lead singer over the rest of the band, so it sounded a little muffled and mumbly.

After about a 20 minute intermission… the Brian Jonestown Massacre came out, there were 6 guys playing on stage… and they were included by founding member Matt Hollywood, who left the band in 1998 due to an onstage feud with Anton… (this can all be seen in the documentary) And also, their enigmatic tambourine player Joel Gion, who has been with the band on and off over the years.

The show ran for 3 hours… which can be good and bad, by about hour 2, I could sense people were starting to get a little tired…  There was no real sense of “coming to an end” which I think in a lot of ways are important… I mean when you pay money to see a concert, it\’s great to get your money\’s worth, however… some people gotta get up in the morning.  And in this case, the BJM played a large majority of their hits within the first hour and half…

Although don’t get me wrong, the last hour and a half were filled with some great moments too… Most noteably, Anton left to, well relieve himself… and the rest of the band, started improving (at least it seemed like improv) a slow, steady ambient drone… that when Anton returned, had escalated into an amazing cresendo of psychedelia…

That, I think was one of the highlights of the evening, and it really proved these guys talent in a lot of ways.

If any of you are interested in the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and I hope you are… I recommend the albums Their Satanic Majesty’s Second Request, Give it Back, and my personal favorite… Thank God for Mental Illness. Once you have gotten into those albums, then I would recommend checking out the documentary…
Saturday: I opened for Styx… that’s right ladies and gentleman, my Barbershop Chorus got to open for the band Styx… (You know, Come Sale Away… Mr. Roboto).  Well… technically we were invited to sing a couple songs at the West Allis Chamber of Commerce Community Night.  The guys and I got to sing “Oh Beautiful” for the crowd at a Milwaukee Admirals Game… we were seen on the jumbo tron.  Which I kept looking at while singing (I wanted to see myself…).  That was fun, we had a great time I thought… it may not have gone entirely to play, but so what… it was a once in a life time experience (unless we do it next year).
And after, Styx performed at the North end of the ice… Now, I’ve been into Styx since High School.  In fact, I was a big fan in high school, but of course kinda got into other things and my fandom dissappeared in College.  But it was pretty cool to see these guys perform, and they put on a great show.  Played pretty much all their hits, with the exception of Mr. Roboto… which kinda surprised me, but maybe they just don’t play it live.
I was thinking recently, how many concerts or live shows I’ve been to… and I wish I had kept track, I’m sure if I think about it, I could come up with a somewhat accurate list.  But the way I see it, I started really getting into concerts when I was 18… and if I average about 3 concerts a year (which isn’t accurate, it’s probably closer to 6) than I’ve probably gone to over 25 concerts in the span of 8 years… I\’d love to figure that out, not to mention how many bands I\’ve seen as well.  I mean Ozzfest can count as 1 concert… but I saw about 10 bands there… so if I go by the number of bands, I could be well over 100… but I’ll never be able to recall all the bands that I saw in the last 8 years.  Maybe just the big ones…
Sunday: So on Sunday, I attended the WMSE Record Rummage sale… which, you know… can be hit or miss, because timeforregis1it’s full of all the stuff people are trying to get rid of.  But the beauty of this type of thing is that 1) it’s cheap, and 2) everyone has a treasure of one kind of or another…
So what did I pick up?  3 records… 1) Mickey and Friends, I have a few Disney records, and I’m always interested in finding more… 2) An album by the band Growing, a band I saw in Cleveland a few years back, and I bought one of their albums on vinyl, for 30 bucks!  I got this one for 3…
And finally… yes, finally… I got It’s time for Regis!  That’s right, a Regis Philbin record… a very young Regis Philbin… when he was opening for Joey Bishop… I can’t wait to listen to this one, it’s probably going to be awesome…
That\’s it for my big music weekend, and so ends Non-Sequitur #1
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5 thoughts on “Christian’s Non-Sequiturs #1 – My Big Music Weekend

  1. Well, there is an episode of Seinfeld where Kramer goes on Regis and Kathie Lee… so you can understand the confusion.

  2. That’s one busy weekend, Christian. Mike and I saw Styx and REO Speedwagon here in town about 2 or 3 years ago and they were both great. Styx was good enough that we didn’t even miss Dennis DeYoung not being with them anymore.

    p.s. I had no idea that you sing! That’s awesome!

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